Calm and Steady wins the race ……

As we face these tough economic times it is important to remember some sayings from the past ….. “Patience Pays”, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself” and “Hold on Snoopy!”

While it may be tempting to pull money from investment accounts, or from bank holdings it would be best to let the investment or funds “ride the waves” because pulling money out of the market only serves to increase the “bleeding”. Letting investments stay put provides some relief to struggling markets. While pulling investments out may serve the short term of protecting what is left – the long term ramifications can be much more costly as businesses and financial institutions close resulting in a tighter credit market and increased unemployment.

It has been reported that the Keys Real Estate market saw a slight increase in sales through the end of September. This is seen as a sign that our market is still viable and beginning to show signs of strengthening. Is there still uncertainity? Of course, but as home values adjust, interest rates remain low and creditors begin lending we should see sales begin to rise. It is now a buyers market and creditworthy buyers should be able to find some great bargains.

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