Clair and Emily McElfresh

“How fortunate we have been to have Lisa Frins as our realtor. When we bought our house in Key Largo seven years ago, Lisa knew exactly which houses to show us and how to help us achieve our dream.

Now, seven years later, we needed to sell that house. We signed with Lisa in January, 2012, and within a week she had two contracts on the house. She was diligent with Chase to get responses and acceptances for the sale. In May, the first contract canceled their offer. The day I signed the papers acknowledging their cancellation, Lisa had two more contracts on the house. Again, she worked to get Chase to approve and communicate with us for a closing. Even at the closing, Lisa had a back-up contract waiting if something happened to this offer.

I am impressed with Lisa’s work ethic to get the job done. I am also impressed with her availability. She is always quick to let me know where things are in the process, to always answer any questions I have had, to always be there to make the sale process simple for me because she does all the work. She is always warm and friendly and a delight to work with. If I ever have an occasion to buy property in the Keys again, it will only be done with Lisa as my agent. I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and diligence in this long process.
Clair and Emily McElfresh
5 Mangrove Lane, Key Largo, FL
SOLD: 10/2/12 for $265,000. “