Do your research

The outcome of the upcoming elections will be one of the most pivotal seen in this country. Confidence in elected officials is at an all time low and the economy…… well, we all know how dire it is. If you have not done this already, now is the time to do your own research on the canididates and issues on the ballot in your area. “Joe the Plumber” said it best on GMA this morning – do your own research, form your own opinion, do not just listen to the media and others regarding this most important voting process.

There are plenty of resources available on-line, in local libraries and from private parties. Get informed on the issues, policies and other political arenas that interest you. Find out where candidates stand, how new legislature will affect you and then cast an informed vote on election day. You can even cast your vote early by submitting an absentee ballot or going to early polling stations (usually local elections offices) – this way you can vote at a time that is conveniant for you and avoid the pressure of lines and waiting.

Nineteen days and counting!!! I’m sure we will all be glad to see this election season end.

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