Happy Halloween!!!

It is hard to believe October is quickly coming to close and we will begin the holiday season shortly. Last weekend marked the end of another sucessful Fantasy Fest in Key West and several local organizations held costume parties to raise funds for scholarship, and aid programs. Below is a picture of our group before we left to attend the “Monster Ball”.

As parents prepare for tonight’s big trick or treat event in thier area remember to check younger children’s costumes for trip, vision and visibility hazards. Shorten skirts/pants so they do not drag on the ground, use face paint or make sure masks have openings large enough so vision and breathing is not impaired, and for darker costumes add reflective tape or glow sticks. Older children should be given times to check in regularly as well as a curfew and parents should know where and with whom the kids will be with.

Hope everyone has a safe and happily scary halloween …….