LaCrosse – Alive and growing in the Florida Keys

Did you know LaCrosse was first played by Native American Indians? The game was sometimes used to resolve territory disputes and at times there would be hundreds of participants. The English adopted the game and the sport has evolved to the game we have today. It is also one of the fastest growing youth sports in the Nation. Here in the Upper Keys we have four teams, Coral Shores High School Boys and Girls team (our girl’s team is top ranked in the district this year), and for 6th, 7th and 8th graders the PKS Panthers team and the Key Largo Tornados. We are at the end of the season. It has been exciting and all of the kids have really improved since the beginning of practices. I should know, my oldest son participates in the sport. The game has been compared to a cross between football and hockey so the action can be intense.

Hopefully, next year Coral Shores High School will divide the Boy’s team into JV and Varisty teams so that the younger freshmen players will have a chance to compete. Rumor has it – this sport is becoming bigger than football in our little community.


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