Property Tax Relief? Well, maybe not ………. and other various topics

Early this summer I had written about the changes to property taxes and the homestead exemption being proposed by state lawmakers. It now seems the way the proposed changes being put before voters were written left out some key information regarding how the changes would impact the current Save Our Homes program. The super-expemtion (as it has been called) could allow property owners to exempt up to $190,000 of the value of thier property from taxes, but it seems homeowners would also lose the 3% tax assessment cap as stated in the Save Our Homes program. The bottom line is property owners need to be paying attention the news and the issues surrounding the amendment. Educate themselves on the issue and then make sure thier opinion is heard by getting out and VOTING.

Two months left until the end of Hurricane Season and this year has been quiet as far as storms affecting the Florida Keys. Hopefully we will continue to see clear skies, and light breezes for the remainder of this year’s season. The rains that recently visited our area were a welcome change from the hot/humid days of this summer as well as greatly appreciated by thirsty landscapes. Unfortunately they have passed and the heat is back on, but soon a cold front should push all the way down the pennisula to begin our winter season of mild, sunny days and cool evenings.

There are plenty of homes on the market for buyers to choose from and many sellers are willing to offer incentives so now is the time buy. Real estate in the Keys is always a good investment as “paradise” is always in demand. So if you are looking for a home, contact me and I will help you find your piece of paradise here on our islands.