Ruth Simpson

“In 2008, in the worst real estate market in years, I listed my home in the Fl. Keys.

This was not the first home I had sold here but it was in a very difficult market and I realized that my broker would be the determining factor if the house would sell.

I chose Lisa Frins because of her reputation and I have never looked back. There were times that I would wonder if the home would ever sell and then out of the blue I would get a phone call ? ?I have an offer to present.?

Lisa would always follow up – explain what the potential buyer liked – or didn’t like- and always give me great encouragement- you have a great piece of property and it will sell.

Lisa knew the market, explained price points – and being a seller- no one wants to hear that your property isn’t worth at least twice what you have it listed for.
We have sold our home with Lisa, bought another with Lisa, and almost every day I am grateful for Lisa, her knowledge of the Florida Keys real estate market and most of all, her wonderful sense of humor and tolerance of a home seller that thinks she has the most desirable property in Florida.”