Time to Buy!!!

The TIME TO BUY in the fabulous Florida Keys is now and I have found that a lot of buyers this year are realizing that! Properties are really starting to sell this year! Many great deals are out there for real buyers to get in on that piece of paradise! In the past 60 days there have been 45 sales generating $31,000,000 as a result of said sales. Any buyer purchasing in today’s market has a wonderful investment to hold on to that will tremendously blossom in the next three to five years. The buyers will look back and say “Wow, I am glad I bought when I did!” The inventory is large and the prices are not going to get much better. I am finding that sellers are listing their homes at prices that are more realistic in today’s market, leaving less negotiation room so they are getting the activity and getting the property SOLD!

So, while it the market in your court, Mr. Buyer, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY…large inventory, low prices, low interest rates in pure paradise!

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